4 Reasons Seth Godin Needs to Appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Sign the Petition!)

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24 Feb 2010

Every now and then a book will stick with you. Its message will strike a nerve deep inside and alter the way in which you view the world. Such literary experiences are rare, but I had one recently. The author was Seth Godin, and the book was Linchpin.

Up until now, Seth’s books have been primarily marketing-focused and were written for a business audience. But Linchpin is different. It’s core message is about life, art, and career. While I don’t think the central message is to be followed by everyone, I believe that it should be shared with as large a group as possible.

Seth used a novel promotion strategy for this book and has relied mostly on bloggers and the online world to spread the message. But I think it’s time he makes a visit to the old-media world of television. Specifically, I think he should appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Here’s why:

1. The Linchpin Message is Important
The book does a great job articulating the changes that we have all felt happening around us over the last few years. And it nails the inner struggle we all feel between having ideas and acting on them. I truly believe this book has the power to change people’s lives by shifting the way they view their career. Every working stiff who is unhappy with the 9-to-5 should hear what he has to say. And many of them have (sadly) never heard of Seth Godin. Yet.

2. The Daily Show Audience is Well-Suited for the Linchpin Message
Every night, nearly two million viewers tune-in to The Daily Show. They tend to be younger and more educated than most news program audiences. And according to a recent Yale study, they are fairly liberal and hold relatively progressive viewpoints. The call-to-arms outlined in Linchpin would resonate with such an audience, who would also be well-positioned to actually make these types of changes to their career (and lives).

3. The Interview Would be Entertaining
Both Godin and Stewart are extremely well-informed and quick on their feet. Seeing an exchange between the two of them would be great television. And I think Jon Stewart would be a big supporter of what Seth is advocating.

4. It Would Be Remarkable
An appearance by Seth Godin on The Daily Show would definitely qualify as a Purple Cow. Seth rarely, if ever, makes these types of mainstream appearances and I suspect there is a sizable overlap between the two audiences. It would also set the online world on fire, and would be mentioned on countless blogs and tweets.

Think this is a great idea? Then sign the petition. Let Seth Godin know he should continue to spread the word!

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