10 Reasons Why Freelancing is the Best Job Security

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9 Sep 2009

We spoken before about the false perception that working for someone else is the conservative choice and is considered “safe.” But just in case there was any doubt, the economic collapse last year proved that the safest choice is to be in control of your own career. When you hand over your financial security to someone else, you leave yourself at risk.

Over at Freelance Switch, there is a great article worth reading regarding job security and freelancing. The third reason is why I decided to share this here:

3. You Have a Better Ability to Control Your Income

If you’re doing great work, growing profits, and winning business for a company, you may or may not get the recognition you deserve. (Here’s a secret: companies only hire employees so they can use them to make a profit.)

When you freelance, you have the ability to give yourself a raise at any time. Simply raise your rates! When you land that big contract, you will profit from it.

That’s much better than having all your efforts going to earn your boss another quarterly bonus, right?

Pop over to Freelance Switch and check out the rest of the reasons.

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