Updating a classic: Campbell’s Soup and packaging design

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29 Apr 2009

Was putting together some thoughts regarding packaging design, which I’ll post about in the near future. But came across this interesting story over at brandchannel that I wanted to share:

The traditional red and white Campbell’s soup can with its gold medallion, dating from the turn of the 19th century, inspired confidence in generations of American consumers. It was redesigned in 1994 to show a mouthwatering picture of the contents because the company found that although people were keeping cans in their cupboards at home, they were not actually eating the soup. The colors and medallion remain, although less prominently than before the design change.

As marketing channels become more and more cluttered, the important of packaging design is going to continually increase. The package will have an increasing responsibility to visually illustrate the product and brand attributes. The importance of logos will decrease, as more consumer decisions are made at the point of purchase. Something to think about.

Source: brandchannel.com

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